Residential systems that are more productive

Installers and homeowners expect more from traditional PV systems

Solar professionals know that no two PV systems are alike.  This is especially apparent in residential applications where installers must consider roof orientation, available space, aesthetics, and shade when planning a system.

Constraints like these limit design options and increase the time and cost to install a system.  Moreover, design trade-offs often result in underperforming systems, or projects that are not viable.

Traditional PV systems are also highly vulnerable to changes in the environment.  Even well-maintained systems suffer performance losses due to debris and dirt that collect in uneven patterns on solar modules.  For example, a point of soiling on a module can drop its output by 10-25% or more, and that module, in turn, drags down the performance of an entire string of modules.

Longer term environmental issues reduce system output as well.  Growing trees, nearby construction, and other changes in the surrounding area can cast unexpected shade patterns onto a residential system.  Meanwhile, system aging, module failures, and other issues can severely degrade or interrupt system operation.

Homeowners and solar professionals are increasingly aware of the degree to which design, soiling, and shade diminish the value of their system, and are demanding solutions that perform better in real-world conditions.

PV modules with Ampt DC Optimizers get the most out of a PV system

PV modules with integrated Ampt electronics address the issues and concerns of residential system owners and installers.

You can deploy Ampt PV modules on multi-angled rooftops and in layouts that better match the architecture of a home – without causing imbalances that would otherwise decrease power in a conventional system.

Ampt corrects mismatch losses caused by shade, leaves, dirt, and other debris, recovering 40-70% of these losses. Because the affected modules no longer reduce the energy produced by other modules in a string, system owners gain higher system output with fewer trips to the roof to clean modules.

Ampt PV modules get the most out of a given space and maximize performance.


  • Reliable – industry leading, third party tested reliability backed by factory warranty
  • Multi-mode MPPT – patented technology for highest energy recovery
  • Inverter compatible – deploy with the string inverter of your choice


  • Recover shade losses – recover mismatch losses caused by shade
  • Guard against soiling losses – recapture losses from uneven dirt and debris
  • Custom-fit PV layout on roof – deploy strings in diverse orientations
  • Put strings on multi-pitch roofs – modules can be placed on roofs with diverse angles without decreasing the output of other modules connected to the same inverter


  • Higher output
  • Greatest savings on energy
  • Higher return on investment
  • More projects with viable economics