Commercial solutions that maximize ROI

The challenge of traditional commercial PV systems

The increasing cost of carbon-based energy, combined with strong incentive programs that support alternative renewable energy sources, are fueling demand for solar generated electricity by businesses and government organizations.  Solar energy helps these organizations save on current electricity costs, and hedge against the uncertainty of future costs.

Whether the electricity is generated by a self-financed PV system, or through a power purchase agreement (PPA), commercial systems are typically designed to deliver the most energy possible in a given space.  Roof-mounted systems can be particularly challenging as obstructions, seasonal shade, high temperatures, uneven airflow, custom wiring designs, and restricted access often result in lower performance and higher lifetime costs than expected.

Ampt improves the performance of commercial PV systems while lowering upfront costs

PV systems with Ampt Optimizers increase the usable space of commercial PV systems, and deliver more power per square meter.  This allows you to optimize system design to work around land features or roof structures without causing imbalances that would otherwise decrease power in a conventional system.  You can also place modules in partial or transient shade locations, as the effects of shade and other sources of mismatch are mitigated using Ampt Optimizers.  With Ampt, your systems achieve a higher footprint utilization and greater lifetime output.

PV systems with Ampt Optimizers also achieve lower upfront system costs.  System designers use less wiring, fewer combiner boxes, and related materials by deploying more modules per string.  Ampt Optimizers give system designers the option to specify inverters with the patented Ampt Mode™ feature. Inverters with Ampt Mode™ cost up to 50% less and operate at a higher efficiency than typical inverters.

To further lower the cost of commercial PV systems, Ampt Optimizers are available with optional wireless communication capabilities that are compatible with third-party monitoring solutions.  This provides access to performance trends and helps locate problems quickly - which reduces the number of maintenance calls and the time needed for onsite repairs.


  • Reliable – industry leading, third party tested reliability backed by factory warranty
  • Multi-mode MPPT – patented technology for maximum lifetime harvest
  • Inverter compatible – deploy with any inverter
  • Ampt Mode™ technology - decrease inverter cost and increase efficiency
  • String Stretch™ technology – patented technology to build longer strings that use fewer combiners and less wiring
  • Scalable communication – optional wireless reporting that scales for large installations


  • Lower system cost – reduce the cost of inverters and electrical BOS for a lower total system cost
  • Recover shade and mismatch losses – maximize lifetime production despite environmental and manufactured sources of mismatch
  • Higher footprint utilization – deploy variable string lengths or in partial shade


  • Higher output
  • Greatest savings on energy
  • Higher return on investment
  • More projects with viable economics